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Report the loss to your insurance company or broker and request a claim number. Contact a Loss Assessor with a view to assisting you with your claim.

Also, we operate on a no claim / no fee basis – in the unlikely event that you do not have a valid claim. Inspection of your premises guaranteed within 24 hours of notification of claim.

A Loss Adjuster is the insurance industry professional employed by the Insurance Company. He / she does not prepare your claim, but rather adjusts your claim once submitted. They also ensure that all policy conditions are met and in addition will assess the level of insurance covered by the policy.
Insurance Companies will only pat out based on what is claimed by the Policy Holder. The Loss Assessor is the only independent professional working for you and with their experience and expertise are better able to achieve a more favourable settlement.
Our fee is a percentage of the claim settled to a maximum of 10% plus VAT. The percentage decreases for larger claims.

There is no charge for the initial survey and inspection and indeed in the unlikely event that no claim arises then no fee will be charged.

We are paid only after you, the Client, receive your settlement cheque.

A Loss Assessor is a professional with the detailed knowledge required to assess and compile the various sections of your claim –

  • Buildings
  • Contents
  • Accommodation
  • Business interruption

He or she will negotiate your claim to ensure you receive your full entitlement under your policy without the stress and strain of trying to carry out this procedure yourself.

The Loss Assessor is employed directly by the Client and accordingly has no connection to the Insurance Companies.

In the first instance the burden of proof in respect of the carious areas of claim rests with the Client. This requires a detailed knowledge of your Insurance policy, its warranties, endorsements, and exclusions – your loss assessor will have extensive knowledge in this regard.

The preparation of construction costs in respect of the repair or indeed demolition and complete reinstatement of a property requires specialist expertise. The Loss Assessor will use his / her experience and expertise to negotiate the best possible settlement with the Loss Adjuster. Barry Coonagh & Associates are Chartered Surveyors with 30 years experience in the construction industry.

In addition, experience tells us that most Loss Adjusters would have a preference towards working opposite Loss Assessor rather than an inexperienced Client.

The Loss Assessor will undertake a detailed survey of the damaged property and detail the nature and extent of remedial works required.
This would be received 14 – 21 days after settlement is agreed on your behalf by your loss assessor. This in turn is dependent on the complexity of your claim and the timetable / schedule of the Loss Adjuster.

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